The Backlot Studios specialises in audio recording and production for film, music, television, radio, gaming and online content. Our world-class studios are fully equipped with a soundstage and an audio production studio with control and live rooms. These dedicated facilities are sought out by producers, directors, artists, musicians, record labels, production companies and advertising agencies.

is a purpose-built Auditorium and Soundstage which includes; a D-Cinema compliant screen, Pro Tools HD, Logic Pro X, Dolby 7.1 / 5.1 Surround Sound, Krix 7.1 Speakers, Dolby Processor, Red 4 Focusrite and Avid S3.

STUDIO B is our main audio production and music recording studio which includes; an ADR / Vocal Booth, Pro Tools HD, Logic Pro X, Native Instruments / Kontakt, Focustire Saffire Pro, Red 4 Focusrite, 5.1 Surround Sound, Avid S3, Foley Pits, Avalon Pre-Amp, Rodecaster for podcasts and Selection of Mics.

STUDIO C is our live room featuring an array of instruments including; a Baby Grand Piano, Elka X 705 Space Organ, Welson Globetrotter, Juno 106, Yamaha CS, Kontakt S88 Keyboard, Gretsch Drums, Fender Telecaster, Godin Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Maton Acoustic and Nylon Acoustic Guitars.


ADR, Foley, Voice Overs, podcasts, Sound design, Instrumental and Vocal recording. 


Dialogue and Sound design Editing, Vocal comping and tuning.


Music Production, Mixing And mastering for all platforms in Studio or Auditorium Soundstage (7.1 / 5.1 / 2.0) AND Online mixing.


Original Score and Songwriting.

Our in-house engineer, composer and producer Mark J. D’Angelo will create, produce and edit your content supporting you in your creative journey from start to finish. D’Angelo is a multi AACTA nominated, classically trained, multi-instrumentalist, composer and sound designer who specialises in complex musical composition, arrangement, production, mixing and sound design including foley, also recognised for simultaneous editing and comping.  Due to his classical roots, D’Angelo’s ear for sound and music is unique in the industry and artists value his musicality, technical knowledge as well as his respect for individualistic artistic expression. We have worked with record labels such as Mushroom Records, Sony Music, Universal Music and a diverse range of artists.






I look to Mark D’Angelo and The Backlot Studios to help all my artists. The facilities are fantastic, with the very best audio and production equipment. As a producer and writer Mark D’Angelo is world class.



Backlot commit. They are on the team from the moment you bring a production to them to the last deliverable. Tony, Mark and the Backlot crew understand the huge effort an independent movie is and the shear force-of-will it takes to deliver the film’s full potential. Backlot’s work on our features The Naked Wanderer and Harmony the Missing 8th is impressive. I have to mention in particular what a joy it is to work with Mark as a composer/musical director.



It was an absolute pleasure to work with The Backlot Studios on my film ‘The Gateway’. The team of Mark D'Angelo, James Ash and Christian Scallan created a truly incredible soundscape for my film which I feel has greatly enhanced the overall story. I like my films to be collaborative efforts and the team’s sound-mix advice was highly useful and greatly appreciated. Without doubt, The Gateway is my best film yet and The Backlot Studios played a significant role in that achievement.


DIRECTOR / PRODUCER - FIlmscope Entertainment

“The team at The Backlot Studios offer invaluable support when it comes to sound design and music. They listen and put your ideas to practice. Then they bring their talent and experience and take the project to the next level. Fundamentally, they bring it to life. It was an absolute joy to work with Mark and Tony. Professional and friendly, we would, and will, work with them again. I have to mention Mark’s beautiful score for our episode WAR. It’s stunning”



Music was the heart of the story in our film UNSOUND and Mark made it look easy, going above and beyond so that audiences did more than just hear great music.  The music made people feel



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